TAKsons Contracting is being for more than 25 Years in business, manufacturing and processing wood , Gypsum & Steel .
The company currently owns a fully equipped factory in the industrial zone of mazraet yachouh, metn province.

Moreover our professional staff of professional labor has been working for us for more than 10 years.
Which gives them a good reputation and good knowledge of what should be considered the finest level of finishing in fulfilling any designed work.

The company had performed a numerous number of projects throughout the years inside and outside
Lebanon, producing interior and exterior woodworks.
Few of our known projects to be mentioned are below:

• Mouawad Village Building also known as Grand Hills Hotel now in Broumana where we
performed entrance doors, wardrobes, stairs, hand rails, wood decking and pergolas. The project was delivered in 2000.
• Various residential buildings and villas in rabieh, through Merheb & Hayek engineering office since 1997 till now. Ongoing a residential building Rabieh 2049 and villa najjar both in Rabieh.
• Hadira 307, a project by Developers in awkar residential high end building where we performed entrance doors, flush doors, wardrobes, vanity cabinets and kitchens. Project was delivered in 2010
• Limar village, a project by Developers in sahel alma a total of 11 buildings where we are performing entrance and flush doors as well as wardrobes and vanity cabinets currently ongoing.
• Kfarhbab 3495, a project by Developers in kfarhbab a total of 2 blocks we are performing entrance doors, flush doors, wardrobes and vanity cabinets. This is also an ongoing project.

That was few of our accomplished and current ongoing projects noting that our main concern in the company is excellent finishing, good quality heavy duty products and sharp delivery schedule.

For any further information or requests our contact information is: